About Me

Ashleigh Paige, at your service! -takes a small bow-

Supposedly, I've always been a fan of reading. I don't quite remember it that way. What I remember is falling in love with books after discovering the Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber. I was thirteen and the date was October 25, 2007, and I haven't looked back since. It's been young adult novels all the way (except for a few adult novels here and there, but I read mostly young adult novels)! As of January 6, 2012, I am eighteen years old and I am currently a college student.

I trend toward self-deprecation, but I don't mean ninety percent of the negative things I say about myself. Honestly, I have a huge ego (the good kind, don't worry; it's not the kind of ego that prevents one from taking criticism). I am also an ardent feminist and hope I'll live to see a day where women are not called sluts for wearing a skirt someone else decides is a little too short and women don't have to struggle to retain their reproductive rights.

When not blogging or reading, I enjoy writing my own novels, working in Photoshop, playing video games, burning scented candles, swearing, and playing with my five cats.