Thursday, March 21, 2013

Night Creature Cover Reveal Part II: Psyche!

Remember a few weeks ago when I revealed the US/international covers for the Night Creatures series by Marianne de Pierres?

Well, the covers changed again. The author and the designer of the original Aussie covers reached a deal and that means NEW new covers. But they're the old covers. You understand what I mean, right? Anyway, here they are:

The font changed, but that's about it! I love the odd designs of these covers, so I'm happy these will be the covers the rest of the world gets to enjoy too. The other ones grew on me a little, but these win every single time.

Also? The books will be available very, very soon according to Marianne. Looking forward to it!

PS: A little note from Yunyu a pretty cool musician who created a lovely song titled Angel Arias that is related to the series. I've checked out some of her other music and it's so much fun! Granted, I'm the kind of person who loves Emilie Autumn's music and Ke$ha's too, so take my word on music with a grain of salt. I'm a book reviewer, not a music reviewer. (Not anymore, anyway.)

Dear Baby Bats,

Hi, I am Yunyu. Like you, I've enjoyed traversing the dark landscapes of Marianne's world of Night Creatures and Angel Arias was written as a Siren call for the world of Ixion (In our world you may call it a tourist ad J )

The best bit about creating the song Angel Arias was the amount of creative freedom that was allowed (Marianne is very cool like that!). So I made a tune that was sort of Middle Eastern meets Euro Rave (Grave sounded like that sort of place in my head!)  Here’s a sneak peek

So there it be!

I've also created an ongoing series of songs made of twisted fairy tales called TWISTED TALES. The songs can be heard here: 

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Enjoy! Till we meet again Baby Bats!

Your Royal Madness