Friday, November 16, 2012

An... Interesting Cassandra Clare Bookish Link

I felt like I needed to post today because NaNoWriMo and real life have caused my blogging to decrease pretty dramatically this month and I found the perfect thing to post about: Cassandra Clare (who will be henceforth referred to as CC because her name is too long). Just as a warning, some of the links can be long. If you don't care enough to read a few lengthy texts, I'm sorry.

She's everywhere. In the last few days especially, her name has been all over the place because the teaser trailer for the City of Bones movie was released. When my mom goes to see Breaking Dawn Part II on Sunday, she'll probably see that teaser trailer, but she'll know better. She'll know that woman is a plagiarist, liar, and cyberbully who conveniently forgets her own behavior and attempts to control the Internet by getting anyone who talks about her past shut down.

Have I got links to support all those claims? You bet your ass I do.

Last month, Sinéad of the Tumblr blog An American in Britain posted about CC, her well-received post about cyberbullying (which a blog dedicated to making people aware of CC's past indiscretions deconstructed very well, but she got them deleted over copyright infringement; that link also includes a good deal of information about what kind of person CC is), and how CC attempted to get her kicked out of her university by framing her as a hacker. The attempt failed and Sinéad actually had a strong case if she wanted to sue CC and the relevant fan board for harrassment. She didn't only because she was so tired of that bull.

Some people are going to immediately say Sinéad is lying, but I believe her. Why? Well, CC has already proven herself to be a plagiarist, which makes her a liar by proxy. Will I believe the wolf who has already proven herself untrustworthy many times over or the person who braved the fear of CC's rabid fanbase to put this out there? Fiddle around on Goodreads for as long as I have and you'll see how bad CC fans can get if you besmirch her name and how ardently they'll deny her status as a plagiarist.

She was a major feature on Fandom Wank back when she was still a Harry Potter fanfic writer and in case someone doesn't know what Fandom Wank is, it's a place for pointing and mocking at stupid people in fandom. CC even has her own page on the site's wiki that details some of her biggest wanks. The pages are biased, true, but the wiki is meant to be funny and entertaining. This ain't Wikipedia, people.

Her most famous wank is the plagiarism scandal, which got her kicked off in 2001 and resulted in her move to FictoinAlley, where she continued to post her fanfics until 2006, when she went pro and removed all her fics from the Internet. This link and this link give specific examples of what she plagiarized from where.

So how does society reward this woman after she plagiarized a published novel (which is not okay whether you're writing a fanfic, an original novel, or a poem about ducks and rainbows and she should have known better as someone working as a reporter), lied about it all, acted like a hypocrite, and tried to frame someone for hacking just to get her kicked out of her school? Bestseller status, a fanbase that has plenty of sane people in it but also has a great deal of batshit people in it, multimillion dollar pulishing deals, and an upcoming movie adaptation of her books.

Nice going, world.

I have known about her behavior for years. It feels only right to make others aware of it so they can make their own decisions about whether or not they should support her, especially considering recent revelations.

Total time taken to put all this together? Half an hour.

If anything happens to this post anytime soon or it goes down, assume I was forced to take it down or it was deleted by someone else. If it's my choice, I'm not taking this down.