Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sweet Evil Read Along: Week One


So yeah, I'm doing this Sweet Evil Read Along and week one's topic is road trips. 

My Necessities for Road Trips:

  • Something to do. It can be anything from playing a video game to listening to my iPod to having things to talk about with the people I'm traveling with.
  • Food! I get hungry on road trips and don't like to stop unless it's to use the restroom.
  • A blanket and sometimes a pillow. The people I typically do road trips with keep the car extra-cold to keep the driver awake.
  • Books to read once we get where we're going. If the trip is being made in a large bus or a motorhome, books to read on the way there! I get motion sickness if I read in a car but not if we're in a bus or motorhome.
  • If  all else fails, something to think about. Whether it's a review or a book idea or what I'll do for the next week or so, I can waste a nine-hour road trip just like that if I've got something to think about.
All of this is stuff for road trips where I'm not driving, of course. I'll always force someone else to do the driving because I'm such a sweetheart like that!


...This book and I aren't going to be the best of friends, methinks. It is probably going to offend my feminism.

I'm a believer in free sex for all and no one should be judged for having it before marriage or after or whatever. Anna, the sweet, virtuous, perfect~! one has already stated she wants to wait until she's married. That's her prerogative. Sadly, her type of characters have the tendency to be narrow-minded about it and judge others. She's already called someone a slut, which is a BIG no-no for me. The portrayal of other girls as partiers/skimpy dressers/bad people in comparison to the perfect~! Anna is getting to me.

Books that also call a girl's virginity her virtue like she's not good and whole anymore one she has sex make me angry too. Guess what Sweet Evil does?

Overall, I have a feeling the construction of the plotline and choices on what is good/what is evil concerning sex are going to keep me from enjoying this book. Kaiden, who is implicitly evil despite his love interest status because he is furthering his dad's agenda (his dad being the Duke of Lust), slightly heckles Anna for waiting. He then adds that almost no one waits anymore to have sex. This association paired with this statement declare sex before marriage evil and--

I'm sorry, there was an explosion and I had to glue pieces of my skull back together.


I've got a lot of things highlighted on m Kindle and none of them are for good reasons. This one in particular gets my goat:

"Remember Mr. Bunker's astrology lessons last year in Earth Science?" I asked, looking up at the sparkling sky, fascinated by the magnitude of creation. (Sweet Evil, 11%)

Astrology: Capricorns, Geminis, and horoscopes you can read in Cosmopolitan every month.

Astronomy: The stars and how they form constellations, among other things.

Anna is talking about astronomy, not astrology.She is never corrected and because my copy has a lot of errors in it, I had to waste my time checking three other sources to make sure this was genuine stupid on behalf of the book. All three sources confirmed that astrology is the word use when she is talking about astronomy.


-sigh- On to chapters ten through sixteen for week two. I hope it gets better.