Saturday, September 22, 2012

Heads Up, Everyone! FeedBurner Issues

This is me abandoning FeedBurner and making sure you're all aware.

If you also use FeedBurner for your feed services and email subscriptions, you may have noticed that earlier this week, everyone's reader counts were reduced to zero, whether they had 14,000 feed/email subscribers or three. For some bloggers, losing those followers means taking a huge hit; some friends I talked with reported seeing pretty decent losses in views in the days after FeedBurner's counting code broke. Personally, my view count hasn't changed from its 150-200 per day norm, but that's not the point here.

For multiple reasons, such as its Twitter and blog being abandoned and the abandonment of, it seems like FeedBurner is on the way to self-destructing. I want to be settled with a new feed service before that happens so I don't suffer as great a loss. There are a number of different sites people abandoning FeedBurner can go to, such as FeedBlitz, Rapid Feeds, Feedity, and the service I'm now using unless I decide I dislike it, Feedcat. If you're a fellow blogger considering a switch, check them all out and see what's right for you. I'm on Feedcat because it's free and offers some good options, but if you're willing to pay, the sites have some pretty good paid plans.

If you followed me through a feedcatcher or by email through FeedBurner, you may have to make some changes. For email subscribers, look for the Feedcat Feed Count in my sidebar and scroll over the blue button there. You can enter your email address and be subscribed again. Feedcat has been up and down today most likely due to traffic increases, so hopefully, you will catch it when it's working.

Thank you for understanding, my lovely followers. I have been working on adding new ways to follow my blog so you can find whatever is most convenient for you and this is just another change I need to make. Love you!