Saturday, August 25, 2012

When a Book Won't Leave Me Alone

I woke up in a storytelling mood this morning--which is good because I have a fun little story to tell all my lovely followers. It's the tale of a book and I, in which the book follows me no matter how hard I try to get away from it and I considering locking it in a box. I'm supposed to be the one that stalks books, not the other way around!

Defiance (Defiance, #1)
When the cover for CJ Redwine's Defiance was revealed in late February 2012, my friends list exploded. Everyone wanted this book in their hands and based on the activity in my Goodreads feed, I can say it seems to be one of the most highly anticipated debuts of 2012.

Naturally, my response to all this hype was "OH HELL NO, I AIN'T READIN' THIS." I've been burned by hyped-up books waaaaaaaaay too many times, so that's my first reaction to hype now. Can you really blame me?

But then Defiance popped up on Edelweiss, and friends of mine who got access to it started throwing out rave reviews. Friends who can be just as hard to impress as I am were throwing four and five stars at it! That's just a little bit convincing, you know? That changed my feelings from "NO NO NO" to "...Maybe. Only if I can borrow it or get it for free, though!"

I never had any intent to seek this book out actively; the only attempts I made at getting this book were entering an ARC giveaway and signing up for an ARC tour I wasn't sure I'd get into. But lo and behold, I got into the ARC tour for Defiance! Whee!

Only, around the time I was supposed to get the book in the mail and start reading it, I'd be on vacation. I worked it out with the tour organizers so I'd get the book later. Great!

In the time between when I made that arrangement and now, one specific friend reviewed Defiance and her review was... not very positive. Complaints about inconsistent characterization, a controlling and sometimes abusive love interest, melodrama--all sorts of things that I hate in a novel. That made me decide I didn't really want to read it anymore. I emailed the tour organizers back to tell them I was dropping out of the tour, they said it was okay and I was free from the tour, and all was well.

Remember that giveaway I mentioned? It came back to bite me in the ass.

I thought I'd be notified by email if I won the giveaway because that's what happened the first time I won a giveaway through that site. No "Congratulations, you won ________!" email ever came, so I thought I didn't win. No biggie.

Well, it turns out I did. The same day I dropped out of the Defiance ARC tour, I checked my itty bitty square mailbox and found a slip informing me I had a package waiting for me. Sweet! My unexpected packages are most often books, so I was looking forward to it. I gave my slip to the woman at the reception desk, signed for my package, and tore open the envelope, especially once I realized it was from the organization holding the giveaway. I entered almost all the giveaways on that site, so any book could have been in the envelope. The book that lay inside?


Now, I don't use the word "bitch" anymore because I hate it and don't want to further normalize a word that is regularly used to oppress women even now. I call people the gender-neutral "asshole" now and use "son of a gun" in place of "son of a bitch." Childish, yes, but I'd rather sound like a child than normalize "bitch" further. I was so shocked at Defiance still making its way to me despite my efforts to escape it that I stared at it and said quite loudly in a lobby full of people, "Son of a bitch!"

(I'm really glad I'm in college now. I would not have gotten away with that anywhere else.)

Now Defiance sits in the small purple carrying crate I keep all my unread books in and I will be reading it once I finish the two books I'm currently reading. Considering its efforts to follow me and make me read it no matter what, I'm wondering if I should lock it away in the grey storage bin I keep a small pink lock on at all times. We're supposed to be the ones stalking books! It gets freaky when they start stalking you.

Long story short: ah, blogger problems.


  1. Hahaha oh no! I don't know whether to say 'Lucky' or 'Unlucky'!

  2. LOL! Read it read it read it! Give it a try! :)

  3. Funny story! I think I know which review you are talking about. I'm not looking forward to this one so much now either. I got declined for this on Edelweiss and I'm sorta glad. Though I will probably buy it to torture myself anyway.


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