Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Important Blog News: The YA Kitten

Within the next week, the name of this blog will change from The Screaming Nitpicker to The YA Kitten, and the URL of my blog will change to reflect this. Just giving all my beautiful readers some advance warning so no one will wonder, "Who the hell are they?" when they see they're following The YA Kitten and The Screaming Nitpicker is gone, or they type in the URL for one and get redirected to the latter.

Why the change after nearly 300 posts? Because I hate my blog's current name so much. You can't even know When I chose The Screaming Nitpicker, I wasn't thinking into its implications like I should have. I wanted it to be facetious, but it makes me look like an ass, and I don't want to look like an ass. I'm certain it's not helping me make friends in the blogging community (though my absolute failure at being social is a larger contributing factor), so a change is in order.

Right now, I'm working my ass off behind the scenes to get a new review archive page created with the proper URLs in place, redesign everything, and try and make this transition as smooth as possible. See you soon on my shiny new/old blog!


  1. Much better name. The old one was memorable but made you sound like you were going rambo on books.


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