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The Assassin and the Pirate Lord by Sarah J. Maas

Title: The Assassin and the Pirate Lord
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children's
Release Date: January 10, 2012
Pages: ebook exclusive
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On a remote island in a tropical sea, Celaena Sardothien, feared assassin, has come for retribution. She’s been sent by the Assassin’s Guild to collect on a debt they are owed by the Lord of the Pirates. But when Celaena learns that the agreed payment is not in money, but in slaves, her mission suddenly changes—and she will risk everything to right the wrong she’s been sent to bring about


The first of four novellas leading up to Throne of Glass, Maas gives readers who weren't around to read her novel on Fictionpress their first taste of Celaena Sardothien, Adarlan's Assassin. I haven't stopped hearing about the author for months now because of how her novel started out, and I was eager to see what all the fuss is about. I can't say I don't see how she got so many fans, but I can say she still needs improvement.

The writing craft could use a little work, but most scenes read easily and there were only one or two tripping points. The Assassin and the Pirate Lord was a quick read not because it was short but because it was well-paced and smooth. I couldn't find out what would happen quickly enough! The tension between Sam and Celaena at the start of the novella was fantastic, but the sexual tension it devolved into kind of lost me. I felt they worked better as allies who didn't like each other.

Celaena has me worrying the next novellas and the novel will establish her as a Mary Sue sort of character because she comes close to being one here. Being the heir to the current Assassin Guild's leader Arobynn seems like it requires brains and skill because the assassin life isn't just about being good at killing people. Celaena certainly has the skill, as proven by what she pulled off, but her impulsive behavior that led to the scheme in the first place doesn't indicate she has the brains just yet. Based on who she is presented as in this novella, there is no way she should be his heir.

In addition, a question brought up about why Arobynn sent them out of Rifthold when he could have sent other people is dropped as soon as it comes up and that loose thread is begging me to take some scissors to it. Will it come back in a future novella or the novel? I hope so.

So Celaena is looking like a brat at the moment who doesn't seem to be the best candidate for Arobynn's heir, but there is a good chance there will be some improvement upon that. After all, she's only sixteen in this novella; Throne of Glass begins when she's eighteen and has served a year in the Salt Mines of Endovier. For me, it's on to novella number two: The Assassin and the Desert.

3 stars!

What am I reading next?: The Assassin and the Desert by Sarah J. Maas


  1. What my impression is that there are different kingdom's with different assassins? Is that right? Because that is very cool. And I like Celaena. Sounds like the assassin version of Rose.

  2. This sounds interesting because I love assassin stories and there aren't too many out there. Hopefully Celaena grows up and improves! There's certainly time for her to do so.

  3. I'll have to get my hands on all these novellas before I read the final version.

  4. Ohh pirates! My fave! Can't wait to read all these when my ereader gets repaired!

  5. I really like the whole idea behind the story. And I agree with most of your points, except for the Mary Sue one. Sure, Celaena is impulsive, but she's not weak. Anyways, good review :D

  6. Hmmm... I forgot about that loose thread. That's a good point. Hopefully we'll find out in future books.

  7. So this honestly sounds very confusing but I haven't read the book yet so maybe it will make more since when I do.

  8. I've heard a lot about the novellas not being as good as the actual book. I can only imagine the ego one would get from being named the world's best assassian, though.

  9. I've been hearing about this book for a while now. And I was curious to know what all this hype is about. I hope this book is good. Thanks for reviewing and sharing.

  10. I just downloaded the first 3 novellas. Need to read them ASAP.

  11. I usually trust what you say about books (we have similar taste) but weather you give these novellas and book 1 or 5 stars, I can't wait to read them!


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