Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday (25)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases we're eagerly anticipating.

I loved Libba Bray's Gemma Doyle trilogy, though I didn't care much for Beauty Queens (and I never read nor plan to read Going Bovine, so it's not even in the equation). This book was already on Goodreads when I joined the site in October 2010 and it was one of the very first books I added. Almost two years later, it's finally coming out! Here's hoping The Diviners rocks me like the Gemma Doyle trilogy did. This comes out on my Book Bonanza day (so named because five books I am highly anticipating come out the same day, including this one) and I will make sure to pick it up that very day.

The Diviners
By Libba Bray
September 18, 2012
608 pages (hardcover)

Evie O'Neill has been exiled from her boring old hometown and shipped off to the bustling streets of New York City--and she is pos-i-toot-ly thrilled. New York is the city of speakeasies, shopping, and movie palaces! Soon enough, Evie is running with glamorous Ziegfield girls and rakish pickpockets. The only catch is Evie has to live with her Uncle Will, curator of The Museum of American Folklore, Superstition, and the Occult--also known as "The Museum of the Creepy Crawlies."

When a rash of occult-based murders comes to light, Evie and her uncle are right in the thick of the investigation. And through it all, Evie has a secret: a mysterious power that could help catch the killer--if he doesn't catch her first.


  1. The Diviners has a special ring to it. Evie has her work cut out for her. Look at My Wow.

  2. I haven't read anything by Libba Bray but this book sounds great!

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    Have a nice week!

  3. I picked this one for my first WoW post, so am definitely looking forward to it! I also loved the Gemma Doyle books, although I haven't read any of her contemporary stuff.

    My WoW :)

  4. I've seen this everywhere lately, I can't wait to pick it up! Great pick!

    My Waiting On Wednesday!

  5. I haven't heard much about this one. Lukewarm on the cover art. if you have a few minutes I hope you'll check out my WOW for this week. :)

  6. This one sounds really awesome. I can't wait to read it, haha! Great pick! :D

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  7. I love reading about this era...and especially in NY!

    Thanks for sharing...and here's MY WOW POST

  8. This book is very thick and huge. I should know. Was fortunate enough to pick an ARC up of this at BEA.


  9. I'd be willing to do any number of nefarious deeds to get my hands on an early copy of this book. I LOVE LIBBA BRAY! And I love that this thing is HUGE!

    Here's my WoW post. Happy Wednesday! :D

  10. I haven't heard of this one. Thank you sharing it.

    Happy Reading..
    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  11. I'm excited about this one but a little worried about the length-I tend to feel that longer books should be vigorously edited although sometimes the length is perfectly justified. I didn't love the Gemma Doyle first book (and didn't finish the series) but I did like Beauty Queens.


  12. This one is already on my TBR list and I'm dying to get it. Great choice!

    Shortskie's WoW

  13. I still haven't read any of Libba Bray's books, despite having Beauty Queens sitting on my shelf since release day... but this one sounds good! I'm really into books and movies set in this era. Can't wait for it! Awesome choice.

    My WoW!

  14. This sounds like an exciting read, must look into.

  15. Sounds good however is not a genre that i'm quite fond of! Hope you enjoy it when you finally get to read it though!

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  16. The whole month of September is packed full of book releases that I am so anxious for but especially the 18th. It's my sisters birthday and I must say that even if it means I'm a bitch I am way more excited about some of these titles than my sister turning a year older.

  17. Sounds interesting! It reminds me a bit of Mean Girls? Just slightly? :D New follower

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  18. I've seen this cover before! The summary sounds really neat- love the NY/creepy-crawly museum setting. ;)
    Thanks for sharing! If you get a chance, check out my WOW post @ YA Nation

  19. oops forgot to add new follower :)

  20. This one looks good! I signed up for a blog tour to read this and am looking forward to it!

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  21. The Diviners! *claps hands happily* SO excited about this!

    ComaCalm's WoW Throne of Glass Giveaway

  22. The Diviners sounds intense!

    I've read the first book in the Gemma Doyle trilogy and really enjoyed it. I'm definitely planning on picking up the other two in the trilogy.

  23. I'm looking forward to this one too! Even though I wasn't a fan of her latest book, I really liked the Gemma Doyle trilogy and I absolutely love her writing. Great pick!


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