Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cover Squee (2)

There are plenty of cover memes out there I could do, but I wanted one that was purely mine. So welcome to Cover Squee, a Saturday book cover meme where I unleash my inner squeeing fangirl on book covers. Here's how it goes:
  • Three covers I love and my take on them;
  • one cover I dislike and want to give a good-natured poke to.
Past covers, covers of unreleased books, international covers--it makes no difference to me. I practice the equal opportunity squee.

My three lovely covers:

Initial reaction: SQUEE!

What I love: The return of the intricate font! The wings made of light! The purple! The continuing theme of bright colors and snow!

What I hate: It's significantly less striking than the first cover (The Torn Wing being the sequel to The Faerie Ring) because there is less color. Maybe that's not the right way to say it; it's more like the color being spread out more rather than concentrated in one place.

Initial reaction:

What I love:The outfits of the girls on the left and right. How you can look at it and discover something new in the little details each time. Like the time I saved it so I could use it for this post? I noticed the city in the background and the gears in the corners.

What I  hate: Absolutely nothing. It's the perfect acquired-taste cover and I can't wait to have it in my hands.

Initial reaction: Ooh, how dark and lovely... LainiTaylorwhat? Laini Taylor's in it?! Gimme!

What I love: The girl's pose and body language. The dark colors. Her dress. The rain. The border around everything.

What I hate: How the girl's face makes it look like she's rolling her eyes. The placement of the clouds; it looks so haphazard.

The cover that leaves me less impressed:

"Oh fuck, we're not sure what we want to put here. Quick! To the stock pictures of pretty people and the black background!"

(I love that there is a PoC on the cover; I just wish it weren't such an awful, bland cover. With titles like The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa and supposedly For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund getting stuck with whitewashed covers, I wish there were more covers with PoC on them. Team Diversity!)

You want to join in the squeeing fun? Go right ahead! I can't seem to find a free linky widget that will work on this blog, so leave a comment if you end up making a Cover Squee post of your own. Thanks for reading!

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  1. those are definitely some awesome covers. I'l have to say that I am looking forward the absolute most to The Friday Society. It looks positively epic!


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