Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cover Squee (1)

There are plenty of cover memes out there I could do, but I wanted one that was purely mine. So welcome to Cover Squee, a Saturday book cover memewhere I unleash my inner squeeing fangirl on book covers. Here's how it goes:
  • Three covers I love and my take on them;
  • one cover I dislike and want to give a good-natured poke to.
Past covers, covers of unreleased books, international covers--it makes no difference to me. I practice the equal opportunity squee.

My three lovely covers:

Initial reaction: "Why hello there." Shit you not, that's what I said when I found it in the bookstore yesterday.

What I love: The eerie feel of the image because of the fog and dark lighting. What could all that fog be hiding? The dog (because I think we need more dogs on book covers). The model's dress.

What I hate: the two disruptive lines across the middle of the image (near the lantern and the model's head). Why is she walking a dog in the graveyard while wearing that dress? Pretty-cover dresses tend to lack that kind of logic.

Between this and another novel with a less impressive cover, I chose this book. It's now sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read.

Initial reaction: GIMME NOW.

What I love: How subtle the image is. The way I focus on the intricate font and the hand holding the ring. The way Tiki's tattoo is on the model's wrist; I love that small touch and didn't notice it until just now.

What I  hate: That the novel itself failed to take away my breath the way the cover did. Review here.

Initial reaction: Hm...

What I love: The serene vintage feel of the cover thanks to the lighting. The way the title and the flowers are like tattoos on her back. The pastel colors.

What I hate: I can't tell straight away what it has to do with the novel, though that might change once I read it. If I didn't have a soft spot for vintage feels and soft colors used right, this never would have stood out to me.

The cover that leaves me less impressed:

"How dare they decapitate me and half-bury me in the flowers! As soon as I develop telekinesis and can get myself off the ground, they are dead. I've never been so angry in my life!"

You want to join in the squeeing fun? Go right ahead! I can't seem to find a free linky widget that will work on this blog (I've been searching for well over an hour), so leave a comment if you end up making a Cover Squee post of your own. Thanks for reading!